6 Questions That Will Improve Your Project Management

If you’ve ever started off a project meeting with the phrase, “we needed this done yesterday…or last week,” you likely got eye daggers, eye rolls, or a round of ‘here we go agains’ from your team. This is not the best way to motivate them to kick it into high gear for the company (ahem, and YOU!) once again.

If you’re already speaking words in defense right now because these deadlines were dropped in your lap like a hot potato that you’re now trying to pass on, I understand and empathize.

As typically happens, the people who don’t actually do the detailed work of executing on an idea to glowing perfection, often don’t have a clear understanding about exactly what it takes. True, they may have at one time. But the longer someone deals with ONLY the 50,000 foot view, the easier it is to forget detailed working project timelines.

Look, it doesn’t matter how you slice the project cheese, there’s a better way to serve it. Tweet this!

Here are six questions to ask yourself prior to handing out project assignments. These will help you keep your team happy and productive, which will more likely help you keep a smile on your boss’, or client’s, face too.

  1. Are you missing information that YOU need in order to give this project or several sub-projects off to others? Think about timeline, universal content that everyone will source, brand guides, expectations from your boss or client, etc.?

  1. Are you telling your team what the first or next step is, and what you need from them for both planning or execution? Be ready to give the team what they need to start taking action without having to ask you a ton of questions.

  1. Are the timelines for milestones and deliverable realistic and clear? Do you need the team members or department heads to give you their anticipated timeline so that you can adjust your master plan accordingly?

  1. Are there any restrictions to what you want a team to do? Sometimes telling them what is NOT included in the scope or what they should NOT spend time on is just as important as outlining the work they should focus on.

  1. How do you want the team to communicate with you? Do you want to plan update meetings with them in advance? Is a weekly conference call or email update what you’d prefer? Don’t forget to include what type of updates you want from them. Good managers don’t micro-manage, so what core updates do you NEED to know. Trust them to handle the rest.

  1. How will you keep the teams, departments and vendors updated on project changes, new developments, and updated offerings or approved community content? A team that doesn’t stay on the same page during a project will quickly fall into finger pointing and missed deadlines.

Put your information and answers to these questions in writing…at least what is relevant to pass on to your teams. The more clarity you give them the better they can do their job – headache avoided with success!

Here’s to making your next project a success.


Share your tip in the comments below: What is one thing you ask yourself before delegating a project to make the process smoother for you and your team/vendor?

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