Hot Color Palettes for Flat Web Design

September 1, 2014

Hot Color Palettes for Flat Web Design


Which color palettes are all the rage? Any color scheme that pairs well with flat web design, which calls for more solid colors, interesting color variations, and flat color combinations.  Bring fresh style and greater usability to your next web design project with these color palette tips. Do More With Less Flat design is a… Read more

June 9, 2014

Is Your Lead Capture Pop-up Harming Your Reputation


Imagine this…  My attention is snagged by a post and catchy image, and I click over to your website to check out what you do. It’s the first time I’m visiting your site. I’m thinking, “hmm who is this interesting, witty person.” Just as I get to the end of the second sentence, BAM! out… Read more

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