Finish Strong: Why the Last Customer Experience Is Critical


Case Study: Juniper and Ivy It was a dream dinner from start to (almost) finish, but the last bite left a bad taste in mouth. Let’s break it down. Not so long ago I had a chance for an evening out with dinner at Juniper and Ivy. I had cheered for Richard Blais on Top… Read more

Paper vs. Digital Business Cards: Who Wins?

Paper vs. Digital Business Cards

Whether you’re running a business or changing careers, you’ve likely been to at least one networking event this year. And like any seasoned attendee, you found yourself walking away with a handful of new contacts and a pile of paper business cards. But in a world that’s going digital, are printed cards still relevant? Will… Read more

5 Tips for Hiring a Web Designer


Building a website from scratch? Revamping an existing one? Either way, there are plenty of considerations you’ll need to make before getting started. Whether your budget is big or bootstrapped, here are 5 tips for hiring a really great web designer. 1. Own, not rent, your website Before beginning your website project, get clear on… Read more

5 Effective Strategies for B2B Networking


Does your company need to up its networking game? If professional networking has been pushed to the bottom of your business to do list, you’re missing out on valuable connections. To help you reprioritize, here are 5 effective strategies for effortless business networking, whether online or face to face. 1. Participate in LinkedIn Groups Any… Read more

9 Simple Steps for Running Effective Meetings


Meetings have a bad rap for being long, boring and unproductive. However, with the right planning, practice and time management, they can become a productivity tool for your team. Here are 9 must-do preparation tips to help you run more effective meetings. 1. Define a clear purpose. Productive meetings have a goal that can be… Read more

Hot Color Palettes for Flat Web Design


Which color palettes are all the rage? Any color scheme that pairs well with flat web design, which calls for more solid colors, interesting color variations, and flat color combinations.  Bring fresh style and greater usability to your next web design project with these color palette tips. Do More With Less Flat design is a… Read more

6 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Writer


Most business owners these days have heard that a solid content marketing plan is a must! Yet routinely producing great pieces of content requires consistency, commitment and plenty of time. If you run a business, or even a large team, you probably feel just a tiny bit short on time…100% of the time! And if… Read more

6 Questions That Will Improve Your Project Management


If you’ve ever started off a project meeting with the phrase, “we needed this done yesterday…or last week,” you likely got eye daggers, eye rolls, or a round of ‘here we go agains’ from your team. This is not the best way to motivate them to kick it into high gear for the company (ahem,… Read more

The Most Overlooked Step In Project Execution


You and your team have planned, worked, adjusted, worked some more, pulled a few all nighters, and now you’ve hit the big red launch button. Congrats! Completing a project is often one part relief that it’s over, one part excitement to see your sweat equity pay off, and a dash of breath-hitching nervousness on how… Read more

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